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Domain Name Registration is avail-able through CrunchyToadDotNet and you may choose to do it all yourself (If you know all about the process and/or you have done it before) or you can ask CrunchyToadDotNet to do it all for you. The choice is yours!


Website Hosting is also available through and is the next step (after Domain Name Registration) in getting your new website up; running and available 24/7 for everyone in the World Wide Web to see, use and interact with.


Website Design is available through
Once you have your Domain Name and have chosen your Hosting Package you will want to put your newly designed website up on the Internet. will help you with this.


m   a   n   a   g   e   m   e   n   t

We will handle all of this for you, as well as all of the other stuff.

The opportunities for website structure, presentation and optimisation are very extensive and, rather than present a simple list of names, we would welcome the chance for a chat with our new and prospective customers covering such things as products and/or services, marketing strategies, business plan structure and timelines, financial constraints and any other factors applicable to that customer's needs and desires

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